Project Description

There is a Japanese quiz called “Possible lives” which plays with the contestants dreams: Shatamondó, a band who dreams about big stadiums concerts and Melkiades Álvarez, a rich executive but unhappy because of his materialistic and superficial family. The quiz presenter, a sadist japanese guy, will show us how different could be the lives of the two contestants.

The final test will happen at the tennis court: match point, the one who wins the game , will win his happy life.

This music video you can find it in the catalogue of Jovenes Realizadores Distribution Company with the following awards:

  • 10º Barcelona VisualSound – Festival Audiovisual de Creación Jóven (Barcelona)  
  • 7º Musiclip – Festival Internacional de la Músicas, las Artes Audiovisuales y el Videoclip (Barcelona)
  • Figueira Art Film Festival (Portugal)